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  • Our fifth newsletter is out!

    Last year marked the 10-year anniversary of the emergence of the proto-populist movements of the squares. As the populist moment of the early 2010s fades away, and with the pandemic signalling the end of one era and the beginning of another, we are called to reflect upon the trajectory of populism during the past decade: […]


  • Our fourth newsletter is out!

    Welcome to the 4th issue of Populism, the electronicnewsletter of Populism Specialist Group of the PoliticalStudies Association. We have recently held our 5th annualworkshop titled ‘Populism: New Perspectives’ and in page 2you will get a taste of how it went. Our second issue released back in July 2020 was dedicatedto left-wing populism. This issue shifts […]

  • Our third newsletter is out!

    The third issue of ‘Populism’ is released amid extraordinary circumstances. The ongoing pandemic creates uneasy conditions that directly affect our everyday lives at both personal and professional levels. The work-life balance is becoming increasingly obscure while uncertainty casts a shadow over the  future, especially for junior researchers. We hope to offer you something interesting and […]

  • Our second newsletter is out with a refreshed look!

    This issue is dedicated to left-wing populism. It features interviews with Paula Biglieri and Luke March, timely commentary on the future and past of Left populism by Giorgos Venizelos and Yannis Stavrakakis, and reflections on the complex relationship between the pandemic and populism by Antonis Galanopoulos. It also includes four book reviews of recent publications […]

  • Our first newsletter is out!