About us

This group exists to promote the study of populist discourses, movements and parties at a local, national, European and international level. It aims at encouraging a rigorous theoretical and conceptual grounding of populism research as well as the strengthening of its analytical scope through comparative, quantitative and qualitative methods.

The Populism Specialist Group purports to facilitate a critical dialogue about contemporary democratic politics, and populism’s complex role within that. It particularly invites the participation and contribution of international scholars from countries and regions where populism has marked political culture, shaping political frontiers and stimulating antithetical discursive articulations.

The group’s Co-Convenors are Giorgos Venizelos (george.venizelos@sns.it), George Newth (ghn20@bath.ac.uk), Lone Sorensen (l.n.sorensen@leeds.ac.uk), Juan Roch González (juan.roch@uam.es), Theo Aiolfi (theo.aiolfi@cyu.fr) and Thomás Zicman de Barros (thomas.zicmandebarros@sciencespo.fr). Please get in touch if you would like further information or have any suggestions for the group.

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