Our second newsletter is out with a refreshed look!

This issue is dedicated to left-wing populism. It features interviews with Paula Biglieri and Luke March, timely commentary on the future and past of Left populism by Giorgos Venizelos and Yannis Stavrakakis, and reflections on the complex relationship between the pandemic and populism by Antonis Galanopoulos. It also includes four book reviews of recent publications on #LeftPopulism: Beatrice Carella reviews Giorgos Charalambous and Gregoris Ioannou’s ‘Left Radicalism and Populism in Europe’ (2019); Thomás Zicman de Barros reviews Giorgos Katsambekis and Alexandros Kioupkiolis’ ‘The Populist Radical Left in Europe’ (2019); Samuele Mazzolini reviews Óscar García Agustín ‘Left-wing Populism: The Politics of the People’ (2020); Lazaros Karavasilis reviews Marco Damiani’s ‘Populist Radical Left Parties in Western Europe’ (2020).

The issue is edited by Giorgos Venizelos.

A big thank you to all the participants by the convening team:
Emmy Eklundh, Giorgos Katsambekis, Andy Knott, Marina Prentoulis, Alen Toplišek, Giorgos Venizelos


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