CALL FOR PAPERS – 70th Political Studies Association Annual International Conference, Edinburgh, 6th – 8th April 2020

The Populism Specialist Group (SG) is requesting paper and panel proposals for the PSA’s 70th annual conference in Edinburgh.

The phenomenon of populism appears alive and well and shows no signs of disappearing with multiple manifestations around the globe. Why is this? Are the extant analytical and conceptual frameworks sufficient, or are they in need of development? And what are the reactions that the global rise of populism triggers? These and other questions will frame the Populism SG’s fifth PSA conference, and the pervasiveness of populism indicates that we will provide and provoke engaging analyses of our current (and past) political conjuncture.

The Populism SG is issuing a Call for Papers for the 2020 Conference of the PSA and, for the first time, we are inviting panel proposals from our members. We are also interested in putting together panels that investigate the relationship between populism and: race; Brexit; ‘moderate’ or non-populist politics.

The PSA places limitations on the number of panels that each SG can put forward. Recently, the number of paper proposals that we received have comfortably exceeded those that we can propose to the PSA. As a consequence, we have set an early deadline, so that we can evaluate the proposals and inform you of our decision early, such that – if unsuccessful – you can send your proposal directly through the PSA.

Please send a paper title and brief abstract of no more than 200 words as well as your panel proposals to by 7th October 2019.


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