Workshop Programme, 12-13 April 2019, Loughborough University

Populism, Liberalism, Democracy – 3rd Populism Specialist Group (PSA) Workshop, 12-13 April 2019, Loughborough University

*All the panels take place at Room K105, Manzoni building. The Keynotes take place at Room U.0.05 Brockington Extension building.



08:30-09:00 | Registration

09:00-09:15| Welcome by hosts/organisers

09:15-10:30 | Panel 1: Populism and Performativity

Angelos Kissas (University of Cambridge) ‘The digital performativity of populism: the case of the charismatic personae on Twitter’

Lone Sorensen (University of Huddersfield) ‘Performance and ideology in populist claims to democracy in transitional and established democracy’

Imogen Lambert (Loughborough University) ‘Crisis and representation of events within populist discourse

Chair: Yannis Stavrakakis

10:30-11:00 | COFFEE BREAK

11:00-12:30 | Panel 2: Populism, Metaphors, Representation

Máté Mátyás (Corvinus University of Budapest – University of Tartu) ‘Media-polity relations and populist electoral success: Comparing the Brexit referendum and the 2010 general elections in Hungary’

Massimiliano Demata (University of Turin) ‘Riding the populist wave. Metaphorical constructions of populism in news media’

Thomas Zicman De Barros (Sciences Po Paris) ‘Beyond the “Return of the Political”: ls “Symptom” an adequate Metaphor tο describe populism?’

Josefin Graef (Hertie School of Governance) ‘Representative Democracy and the Populist Politics of the Extraordinary’

Chair: Andy Knott

12:30-13:30 | LUNCH BREAK

13:30-15:00 | Panel 3: Non-Populist Populism?

Theo Aiolfi (University of Warwick) ‘Leaderless populism and the limits of representative democracy: the French case of the yellow vests’

Panos Panayotu (Loughborough University) ‘The Transnational Aspects of Populism: A Way Forward? The Case of DiEM25’

Salome Ietter (Queen Mary University of London) ‘Anti-populism, populism and ‘Gilets jaunes’: democracy in question’

Petra A. Honová (Charles University-Prague) ‘“Fighting Fire with Fire”: Progressive Populism of DiEM25 as a reaction to the crisis of liberal democracy’

Chair: Giorgos Katsambekis

15:00-15:30 | COFFEE BREAK

15:30-17:00 | Panel 4: Populism in Power

Grigoris Markou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) ‘Radicals in government: The populist experiment of the SYRIZA-ANEL alliance’

Seongcheol Kim (WZB Berlin Social Science Center) ‘Because the Homeland Cannot Be in Opposition: A Discourse and Hegemony Analysis of Fidesz and Law and Justice (PiS) from Opposition to Power’

Giorgos Venizelos (Scuola Normale Superiore) ‘Conceptual and methodological propositions in the study of populism in power’

Syed Tahseen Raza (Aligarh Muslim University) ‘The Rise of Populism in India: A Geneological Account’

Chair: Emmy Eklundh

17:15-18:15 | KEYNOTE 1: Ruth Wodak (Lancaster University/University of Vienna) ‘“Revisiting Orwell’: The Shameless Normalization of Exclusion’




09:00-10:30 | Panel 5: Populism and Global Orders

Jenna Higham (Lancaster University) ‘Leave or Remain? Populism as a political tool in the battle for Brexit’

İlke Civelekoğlu, Lerna Yanık, Umut Korkut (Ιstanbul Ticaret University, Has University, Glasgow Caledonian University) ‘Matrushka Populism(s): Conceptualizing the Link Between Populism and Foreign Policy in Turkey and Hungary’

Ying Miao (Aston University) ‘If Populism is the Answer, What is the Question? Identity Politics and Populist Discourses in China’

Francesco Melito (Jagiellonian University in Krakow – Institute of European Studies) ‘Finding the Roots of Neo-traditional Populism in Poland. “Cultural Displacement” and European Integration’

Chair: Andy Knott

10:30-11:00 | COFFEE BREAK

11:00-12:30 | Panel 6: Challenges to the Liberal Order

Alen Toplišek (SOAS University) ‘Liberal Democracy in Crisis and the Populist Quest for the State’

Carola Schoor (Maastricht University) ‘The Clashing Freedoms of Populism and Liberalism’

Emmy Eklundh (King’s College London) ‘Populism, sovereignty, masculinity: A decolonial critique’

Aman Gaur (LSE) ‘Beyond economics and culture: explaining populism in Australia as a loss of trust in government’

Chair: Yannis Stavrakakis

12:30-13:30 | LUNCH BREAK

13:30-14:30 | KEYNOTE 2: Michael Freeden (University of Oxford/SOAS University of London) ‘Where is the debate on populism taking us? Academic hurdles and conceptual conundrums’

14:45-16:15 | Panel 7: Defining the people

Rajat Roy (Presidency University, Kolkata, India) ‘The Crisis of the Category of People in India: Towards an idea of the Dalit as new Universal’

Maria Ivana Lorenzetti (University of Verona) ‘Discursive Representations of ‘the People’ in Populist Discourse and the Representation of Democracy: The case of Italy’

Yuliya Moskvina (Charles University, Prague) ‘Who are the people in left-wing populist movements? The relationship between populism and democracy’

François Debras (Université de Liège) ‘The singing of sirens: when right-wing populist talks about democracy’

Chair: Emmy Eklundh

16:15-16:45 | COFFEE BREAK

16:45-18:15 | Panel 8: Populism, Anti-populism and Authority

Maren A. Schäfer (University of Heidelberg) ‘The Impact of Populist Anti-Authority Rhetoric on American Democracy’

Anton Jäger (University of Cambridge) ‘Mediation and the Corporate Question in Late Nineteenth-Century Populism’

Halil Gürhanlı (University of Helsinki) ‘Anti-Populism in Turkey: The Centre-Periphery Model and Its Modernist Roots’

Thomas Swann (Loughborough University) ‘Deliberative Democratic Polling as Anti-Populism. An Intersectional Anarchist Response’

Chair: Giorgos Katsambekis


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